November 07, 2009 Q & A

The PCA and Abortion


I lead the Life Chain in my area. An Orthodox Presbyterian church in our area participates but Presbyterian Church in America churches say they are pro-abortion. Both denominations subscribe to the Calvinist theology of Sola Scriptura. So, where can I find a copy of the Bible from each denomination so I can determine the difference and the reason for the different positions on abortion?


Thank you for your inquiry. I am a bit confused by your question, having formerly been a minister in the PCA. While I was a minister there, the PCA General Assembly adopted a very strong statement against abortion which is available on their CEP Bookstore website here. I hope that you have mistaken a church from a different "Presbyterian" denomination for this PCA church. Both the PCA and OPC have clearly stated that we believe the Bible to prohibit abortion. Click here and here for OPC statements on abortion.



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