December 05, 2009 Q & A

Bible Versions


What version of the Bible do you use?


Thank you for your inquiry. I will have to identify the you in a couple of ways.

Personally, I use the English Standard Version (ESV) for my own devotional reading. In study for sermons, I resort to the Greek and/or Hebrew to better discern the exact wording and "flavor" of that wording. Previous to the printing of the English Standard Version, I preferred the New American Standard Version. Both are very accurate and clear reflections of the original text. I was raised on the King James Version (KJV), so that is what I usually quote from memory.

In my congregation, we also use the ESV as the pew Bible and for public reading. That makes it easier for everyone to follow.

In the OPC, there is no single translation that is used. Years ago, the New International Version (NIV) was popular, but recent editions have edited the text in a way that is disturbing. In its publications, the OPC quotes the ESV for the sake of standardization. Many churches use the KJV, or the New KJV. Some may still use the American Standard Version of 1901. The choice for public use is up to each Session.

I hope this helps in some way. Whatever the translation, we desire to use one that is clear and faithful to the original languages.



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