July 11, 2010 Q & A

Marriage after divorce


Can marrying a divorced woman ever be biblical?


You asked a very important and very good question. Part of the answer is found in Matthew 5:32. If the woman divorced her husband because he committed adultery, then she is free to remarry and you are free to marry her.

But then there is the case of a woman who was divorced by her husband, but on unbiblical grounds—she did not commit adultery or she was an unbeliever who has become a believer (note, I will assume the woman in your question is a Christian). In such a case you must determine if a restoration of the marriage is possible—has he remarried? If so, he is guilty of adultery and the church must rule that to be the case. Then she can remarry. If he has not remarried, then she must seek restoration. If he refuses, then her husband must be dealt with by the church first. If he refuses to repent and restore the marriage, then he should be excommunicated and then she would be free to remarry in the Lord.



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