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Is OPC a strict Calvinist association?


Is OPC a strict Calvinist association?


Thank you for your question to us. I must give you two answers, because "strict Calvinist association" can mean a couple of things.

If your question regards our beliefs as a church, the answer is an unequivocal "yes". All officers subscribe to the Westminster Confession and Catechisms, which are available on our website. Every minister vows to preach the Bible, but he also vows that he believes that what the Westminster standards teach is an accurate representation of what the Bible says. If he cannot do so with a clear conscience, he is not permitted to be a minister of our church; we will bind no man's conscience to preach that which he does not believe the Bible teaches. You can see these vows here, Chap. XXIII.8. So, what we proclaim is "strictly Calvinistic", also called "the Reformed faith."

If your question regards our membership at large, the answer is a little different. In order to belong to an OPC church, the person must have a creditable profession of faith. Unlike some churches, we do not require each member to subscribe to the Westminster standards or to some other Reformed creed. The prospective member is told clearly what this church professes to be the Scriptural teachings, and agrees to submit to the government and disciple of the church. But he is received upon his profession that he rests in Jesus Christ alone. You can see the membership vows here, Chap. IV.B.2.

I hope this helps you.



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