September 26, 2010 Q & A

How does a man come to study for the ministry?


How does a young man, from humble circumstances, come to study for the gospel ministry? This is asked in light of an absence of financial resources at my disposal and my church's.


It is difficult to answer without knowing you. I would encourage you to seek the advice of others close to you and who know you, whose judgment you trust, like a pastor or someone else with theological training.

Having been involved for many years in training pastors, I can say, from a number of instances I have witnessed, that where there is a desire to study for the gospel ministry undertaken with prayer and careful self-searching before the Lord and with the wise counsel of others who confirm that that desire is warranted, the Lord will provide a way and the resources for that study to be realized.

This link at the OPC web site concerning recommendations for ministerial preparation may be of some general help.

May the Lord guide you in this matter.



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