November 14, 2010 Q & A

What is the OPC's stance on "Christian" secret societies?


I am researching the OPC's stance on "secret societies." I have read information pertaining to Masonry, but have found nothing relating to Christ-centered societies such as the Loyal Orange Institution of the United States.


I'm a descendant of Ulster immigrants who came to the USA in the 1700s. After doing some reading on the internet, I understand why my ancestors had nothing to do with the Loyal Orange Institute (LOI).

There are pagan and secret lodge elements mixed into the LOI. LOI speaks of being Protestant and Christ honoring, of remembering loyally the great deliverance of William III and Mary of the Dutch royal House of Orange from Roman Catholic corruption of England's laws & civil government, and of being benevolent. Although LOI speaks of being Protestant and Christ honoring, this is lip service only.

In the 20th century LOI is in competition with the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ, and are more like the Masons than they publicly admit. In the 20th century LOI has not freed itself from secret rituals whereas Jesus Christ requires His disciples to organize churches that are open and public in all rituals. True churches prudently proclaim that Jesus is the light of the world and publicly build a kingdom of light. Jesus Christ translates people of his good favor out of the kingdom of darkness with its secret oaths, rituals and "lodges," and places them into the kingdom of light.

What is the OPC's position on Christian fraternal societies, such as LOI?

1. The OPC has taken no position on "Christian fraternal societies."

2. The reasons the OPC gives for warning the church and the world not to join a Masonic Lodge, nor a secret society, apply fully to LOI.

3. I know of no Christian fraternal societies, though I know of secular fraternal societies, such as the Fraternal Order of Police and the American Legion. Neither of these two societies has secret rites, secret oaths, nor demand unlimited loyalty that overrides God's law about right and wrong. Only God has unlimited authority and asks unlimited loyalty of us.

4. I would urge you, in your research, to reread the OPC's report "Christ or the Lodge?" and explore that document to more fully see its reasoning.

Please use this answer to edify other Christians, not as a whip. But, rather grow in true teachings of our Lord and call others to confidence in the self-attesting Bible and in in the self-attesting Jesus Christ.



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