December 19, 2010 Q & A

Praying with unbelievers


What are your thoughts of praying with unbelievers in the context of situations that come up at holiday meals and work related functions?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. All men have the knowledge of God instilled into the fabric of their lives and thinking. All things speak of him and the danger each one places himself in when they try to keep that knowledge hidden from themselves (Ps. 19; Rom. 1:18ff). By praying with them you expose them to the means of grace, and who knows but the Lord may be pleased to reveal himself and his grace in Christ by answering that prayer! It is even a safe way to witness to family or even local governmental or social meetings among people who might otherwise object to the name of Christ and his gospel, so be sure to mention the saving grace of God as you give thanks to him and ask his blessing.



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