January 15, 2012 Q & A

J.I. Packer and "Evangelicals and Catholics Together"


Why did J.I. Packer sign the "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" document? What does that mean for his earlier writings, e.g., Knowing God?


Thank you for your questions about Mr. Packer and his writings. Sadly, the first part of your question is one we can't answer; we cannot read his mind and heart. You'd have to search his response to those who questioned him to find something of an answer.

As to his previous writings, they must be dealt with in the same way that the writings of any uninspired writer are used. They must be carefully examined to see where they are in accord with Scripture, and used to that extent. By seeing the course of the latter part of his life, you can use greater scrutiny of the areas that might be pertinent to such major changes.



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