August 26, 2012 Q & A

Are we properly training our daughters?


It has been our experience that conservative Reformed churches at large are becoming more and more comfortable throwing off the ideal of encouraging daughters and women in the church to embrace the ideals of godly homemaking and motherhood. The Titus 2 mandate of “Older women teach the younger women to be keepers of the home ...” is not mentioned in the Westminster Confession, perhaps because the Westminster divines did not find that this problem needed to be addressed in their day. Unfortunately today many ladies have lost their way in this world of feminism. Would you have any comments to add on this subject?


Thank you for your question, and for your concern.

Sadly, the issue of godly womanhood isn’t simply a modern one, but one rooted in sin throughout the ages. Remember that not only did Paul need to exhort Titus concerning the proper training of younger women, but it was an issue even back in Genesis. The sins and sorrows that came upon Jacob and his family in Shechem began with Dinah’s “going out to see the women of the land” (Gen. 34). The language indicates that she was spending a lot of time in their company (therefore being influenced by them) rather than learning her role from others of the covenant household. To suppose that it was not an issue in the day of the Westminster Assembly would be without ground, and a review of the culture of England at the time reveals a lot of sexual sin in the society at large.

The greater part of the problem is to ground our children (sons and daughters) in the absolute authority of the Word of God. When they are committed by faith to living all of life according to the pattern set out by God in his Word, they will see that every culture conflicts with that Word. Obviously, only a regenerate heart and living faith in Jesus Christ can give that commitment. It may not mean that our daughters only keep the home; don’t forget that the “excellent wife” of Proverbs first took care of her family and home, but also engaged in real estate and commerce. So we have to be careful that our expectations of our children are also directed by Scripture rather than our own upbringing.

Yes, many ladies and men have lost their way these days. Feminism is primarily one aspect of the general revolt against God’s rule in this world—but only one aspect. Let us teach and pray and labor for entire godliness for all people!



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