February 24, 2013 Q & A

Leaving another denomination for Presbyterian


Should a member of another Christian denomination (Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican, Pentecostal, etc.) "convert" from his denomination to become a Presbyterian? If so, why?


Thanks for your question regarding whether one should leave his denomination and become a Presbyterian and why. It's a tough one. Deciding to leave a church is one of the most difficult things one can do. Before jumping into your question, it should be said that not all denominations that are Presbyterian are faithful to God and his Word. Many, in fact, have rejected the authority of the Bible and strayed from the faith once for all delivered to the saints. However, there are Presbyterian denominations such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, and the Bible Presbyterian Church, among others, which seek to remain faithful to God's Word.

Now, to your question. I believe one must think long and hard before deciding to leave their denomination. Even more, one must be willing to honestly and faithfully examine what is taught in one's denomination in light of what the Scriptures teach. After careful study, if one believes that another denomination more faithfully reflects the teaching of the Scriptures, for the peace of the church he is attending, and his own growth in the knowledge of God's truth, it is probably best that he unite himself with the denomination which most closely reflects the Scripture's teachings. However, in doing so, it is imperative that one leaves his denomination as peaceably as possibly, with all love and charity.



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