October 06, 2013 Q & A

Is the Church necessary?


In searching out Christianity and other religions of man, there is no need for a Church—there is God's spirit, which is in all of us. This battle over which so-called church is the true one has led to bloodshed. Can you prove me wrong?


Thank you for your question. You challenge us to prove the necessity of the Church, because battles over a "true church" have shed blood. I would submit that the question should be reversed.

Bloodshed is universal, in every culture. In those cultures least affected by the Gospel, bloodshed is most prevalent. This would indicate that there is a universal problem with mankind and that the Church has declared the answer. And note that more wars have been fought which did not include anyone identifying themselves as "the true Church" than have been fought where one or both parties vied for that label.

I would suggest that the root of your issue is found in your presupposition: that Christianity is one of the "religions of man." We disagree. You may find this two-part Q&A helpful: "Who created religion?" 08/07/2011 and 08/21/2011.

May the God who is reveal himself to you.



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