July 13, 2014 Q & A

Glorifying God in a wedding toast


How can I give a wedding toast/speech that gives glory to God?


This is a great opportunity to glorify God. Usually at a wedding, even at the marriage of two believers, there will be a number of non-Christians there. You can focus on how God has worked in the lives of the couple, if they are believers. You can recount some of the things the Lord has done in your friendship with the bride or groom; some areas where you've observed the Lord working in their lives; some of the ways you hope and pray that God will bless them in their life together. If the couple are non-Christians, you can use the opportunity to speak of how God is good in providing marriage as a blessing and how you hope that he will do good to them in their life together as the only real source of joy and strength.

Every couple will face trials in marriage and the only way that those trials can make them stronger and more committed to one another is if Jesus Christ is at the center of their marriage. Use the biblical material on marriage from Genesis 2:18, 24 as a basis, or Proverbs 31 about the wife, or Psalm 127 or 128 as reminders of how intimately God is involved in marriage and that marriage is his idea. That is a way to bring glory to him.



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