March 16, 2019 Q & A

Good Commentary on Romans


What is a good Reformed commentary on the book of Romans that is not too technical?


Thanks for your question sent to the OPC website.

I would recommend the four-volume set by James Montgomery Boice (Baker Book House). If four volumes are more than you want to buy, try William Hendriksen (also Baker). These two men are thorough and not overly technical. You might also want to try John Calvin (many publishers). The English may be a bit stilted, depending on the translator (from French), but I think Calvin will bless you. Martin Lloyd-Jones put his sermons on Romans in book form (Banner of Truth), and this runs to something like fourteen volumes, so that is quite a bunch. But he is easy to read and wonderfully useful. You could try a volume here and there just to see. Obviously I have passed over some famous but more difficult expositors.

Hope these recommendations are helpful to you.



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