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OPSI lecture
OPSI  lecture

On June 17–19, 2025, eight to ten ministerial candidates will gather in a quiet and charming New Hampshire lodge in the heart of the White Mountains, conducive to thoughtful discussion. The men will have previously read several books in preparation. Lectures and informal conversation will give time for presentation and reflection on the material presented.

The gathering is the Shiloh Institute (formerly Summer Institute), a ministry of the Committee on Christian Education through its Subcommittee on Ministerial Training. Similar to the successful Timothy Conference, though with an older age group in view, the Shiloh Institute offers a taste of ministry in the OPC through an intensive time of reflection and conversation. Topics to be considered:

Shiloh Lodge
Shiloh Lodge

Instructors for the program include ruling elders Darryl Hart and John Muether, Rev. Stephen J. Tracey, minister of Lakeview OPC in Rockport, Maine, and Rev. Dr. Gregory Reynolds, editor of Ordained Servant, pastor emeritus of Amoskeag OPC in Manchester, New Hampshire, and director of the Institute.

Young men in their senior year of college and first two years of seminary are eligible to attend. Room and board will be provided, as well as a grant to subsidize travel expenses. Candidates must submit a 500 to 1000 word essay that describes their understanding of the nature of Presbyterianism and their personal commitment to be an Orthodox Presbyterian minister. Their pastor or elder must submit a recommendation.

Inspiring view
Inspiring view
OPSI 2023 porch group pic
OPSI group pic
OPSI 2023 woodpile pic
OPSI 2023 woodpile pic
OPSI 2012 meal

Reflections from previous attendees:

For further information see the conference brochure. For details about past conferences see the following links:



Applications must be submitted by April 13, 2025. The application form may be downloaded in fillable form here. Save the page to your desktop using your browser’s “File, Save Page As” commands, open in word processor, fill in form, save and email to greg.reynolds@opc.org


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