January 03, 2009 News

Trinity Hymnal Improvements

The Trinity Hymnal online resources have been improved with the addition of the ability to play MIDI files of hymns with multiple tunes. We are happy to provide this feature, which has been requested often. To listen to hymns with multiple tunes go to the "Trinity Hymnal" link in the right column on this page (or click here), click on "Search the hymnal," and search for one of the following hymn numbers: 3, 26, 77, 179, 218, 280, 285, 389, 397, 421, 427, 431, 460, or 549. Alternatively, go to "Hymns, indexed by first line" and, using your browser's search feature (Control-F on a PC or Command-F on a Mac), search the page for the word "Tune."



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