September 24, 2009 News

2009 Thank Offering Theme

To: Pastors and sessions of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Dear fathers and brothers:

The 2009 Thank Offering for the Worldwide Outreach ministries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church soon will be here. This year's theme is "All Things through Christ," based on Philippians 4:13. The goal this year is to raise $750,000 through the Thank Offering for the ministries of Foreign Missions, Home Missions, and Christian Education.

You will be receiving one or more Thank Offering posters, four sets of bulletin inserts, and remittance envelopes. You may have a better plan, but we would suggest that you aim to distribute the bulletin inserts on October 25 and November 1, 8, and 15. The envelope should be included with the insert on November 15. You should receive the materials in the mail by October 21. If soon after that date you have not received the promotional materials, or if you would like more to be sent to you, please contact Jan Giandomenico (phone 215-830-0900 or e-mail jan.1@opc.org).

Please consider ways that you might promote the 2009 Thank Offering beyond putting the poster up in the church building and including inserts in the bulletin. Ministers and teachers, please consider preaching a sermon on the topic of "All Things through Christ" from Philippians 4, helping God's people to see the heavenly blessings that they have already received in Christ and encouraging them to show their thankfulness by giving to the Thank Offering. Please pray for the Thank Offering and the ministries of the OPC during worship. Please consider holding a Thank Offering dinner or planning a special Thank Offering event.

We thank you for your faithful support of the ministries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Danny E. Olinger

General secretary of the Committee on Christian Education
on behalf of the general secretaries of the OPC



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