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What to Think about the Pope



Democracy and the Denigration of Office, Part 1

What to Think of the New Pope

Pierre Viret: The Angel of the Reformation

The New-yeeres Gift

With All My Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind?

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From the Editor. As we continue to think about church government, a very relevant topic presents itself with the election of the 266th Roman Catholic pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Francis I. The typical evangelical response is almost unanimously positive. The important questions about papal doctrine and the papacy are not normally being asked. While we should always be thankful for any leader who appears to be humble, generous, and intelligent, this should never distract us from asking the more fundamental questions—in this case religious, theological, and ecclesiological questions. This month two venerable OPC church historians, Daryl Hart and John Muether, look at the new pope in terms of his relation to the theology and practice of Vatican II.

In my two-part article “Democracy and the Denigration of Office,” I explore ways in which egalitarianism has diminished the biblical view of church office, and offer some remedial suggestions.

Riley Fraas offers six excellent reasons to read a new biography of Calvin’s forgotten colleague, Pierre Viret.

Finally, usher in the new year with some edifying humor from Eutychus II; a special, sweet poem by Robert Herrick: “The New-yeeres Gift.”

Blessings in the Lamb,
Gregory Edward Reynolds


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