January 08, 2006 Book Review

The Image of God

The Image of God

Ric Ergenbright with Dana Ergenbright

Reviewed by: Dan Dillard

The Image of God, by Ric Ergenbright, with Dana Ergenbright. Published byTyndale, 2004. Hardback, 160 pages, list price $24.99. Reviewed by OP pastor Dan Dillard.

As we draw near to the holiday season, I want to call your attention to Ric Ergenbright's wonderful book The Image of God. A companion volume to the author's earlier work, The Art of God, this book makes an excellent gift for both Christian and unbelieving friends. It dramatically and winsomely presents the biblical story of creation, fall, and redemption from a Reformed perspective.

Ric Ergenbright is a member of the OPC, and an award-winning professional photographer and world traveler. His daughter Dana, a student at Covenant Theological Seminary, assisted with the writing.

The Image of God is subtitled The Glory of Man. This is an important reminder that man was created in the image of God to manifest his glory. It is only in light of the original glory of man that the magnitude ~ of the fall into sin can be understood, as well as the glory of redemption and restoration in Christ. As Ric explains in the foreword:

This book considers man as he is portrayed in the Bible. Made in the glorious image of God, man rejected the design of his Creator and thus became a broken image. But God, in His compassion, provided healing and restoration so that man might once again live as God's glorious image on the earth. What an exalted view of man! Here is the foundation for the abundant life that God intends for all mankind - a life characterized by love that gives, rule that serves, and worship that trusts and obeys God. Restored to the image of God in which he was created, man is truly glorious. This book celebrates that glory. (p. 10)

The Image of God is a treasure-house of truly beautiful and heart-stirring photographs of people in diverse settings around the world. Along with the beautiful photo images, clear and concise essays present biblically based teaching and practical instruction on what it means to be and live as images of the triune God. The reader proceeds through sections on "Made to Love" and "Made to Rule," and concludes with "Made to Worship." This last section is powerfully evangelistic, as it addresses the issues of man's idolatry and God's provision of redemption through Jesus Christ to restore man to true worship.

The Image of God is no ordinary picture book! I've told you about it, but you really do need to see the pictures! Fortunately, that opportunity is available to you at www.ArtofGod.com.



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