July 14, 2013 Book Review

God's Mighty Acts in Creation
God's Mighty Acts in Salvation

God's Mighty Acts in Creation
God's Mighty Acts in Salvation

Starr Meade

Reviewed by: Celeste Jenkins

God's Mighty Acts in Creation, by Starr Meade. Published by Crossway, 2010. Paperback, 112 pages, list price $10.99. God's Mighty Acts in Salvation, by Starr Meade. Published by Crossway, 2010. Paperback, 96 pages, list price $10.99. Reviewed by OP member (and national children's book contest winner) Celeste Jenkins.

God's Mighty Acts in Creation and God's Mighty Acts in Salvation, by Starr Meade, are two excellent resources to further a child's learning about God and what he has done for his people. Both books are geared for children in elementary and lower middle school, but teenagers and adults can easily find interest in, and be blessed by, these clearly written books that dwell upon the greatness of our Creator and Redeemer. Each book consists of approximately forty short readings, making them easy to use for family devotions. Both books would be appropriate to read aloud to children between the ages of seven and thirteen; however, siblings as young as four can soak up some of the larger points of the readings. The two books are companion volumes, but it is not necessary to read one before the other.

God's Mighty Acts in Creation walks through the six days of creation to look at what God made and what his creation reveals about him. In addition to pondering God's general revelation, Meade also speaks about God's special revelation, his Word, to see "how God himself said these created things teach us of him." The book explores what God is teaching us when he says, for example, that Jesus is "the light of the world," "the lamb of God," and "the vine." The book uses Scripture and kid-friendly analogies to get children thinking about God's glory, wisdom, and power.

God's Mighty Acts in Salvation walks through Paul's letter to the Galatians. The readings in this book focus on the glorious, comforting news that Jesus Christ has perfectly and completely fulfilled God's law, and that we cannot add anything to what he has accomplished. Meade reminds the reader throughout the book that there is no other gospel—that forgiveness and life are free to those who trust Jesus. The author encourages children not to be fooled, as the Galatians were, when confronted with false teachings. Written in a simple, conversational style, the book defines such terms as justification, substitute, grace, merit, adoption, and legalism in a way that children can understand.

At the end of each reading in both books is a short section entitled "As for me and my house," which provides additional activities related to that particular reading. This section engages older children, asking them to think more deeply about specific things, do some brainstorming, or think about additional Bible passages.

Meade writes with a solidly Reformed understanding of God's greatness and our need of a Savior. In the midst of today's slurry of legalistic, self-confidence-building teachings, she does a refreshingly excellent job of pointing children away from themselves to the God who has created and saved us.



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