June 08, 2014 Book Review

A Portrait of Christ

A Portrait of Christ

D. Patrick Ramsey

Reviewed by: Iain A. M. Wright

A Portrait of Christ: A Look at Who Jesus Is and What He Is Like from the Gospels, by D. Patrick Ramsey. Resource Publications, 2013. Paperback, 76 pages, list price $12.00. Reviewed by OP pastor Iain A. M. Wright.

The text of this slim volume arose from a series of sermons preached by the author to answer the questions: "Who is Jesus?" and "What is he like?"

In seven concise chapters, we are presented with the Christ who was promised, a Savior who is both divine and human, and his compassion, friendship, anger, and humility. Ramsey, who is a minister in the OPC, handles each topic winsomely, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to combine solid theology of the loftiest themes with a pastor's heart that such glorious truths would never remain the sole preserve of the seminary, but infuse the praises of the saints. Were that all that Ramsey had accomplished, he would have served his Savior well. With so much clamoring for our attention, it is a blessing to have so much covered in so little space. Where one might hesitate to give a substantial hardback book to someone already all but overwhelmed, the concise arguments and pastoral tones of A Portrait of Christ will prove much more accessible.

The author provides a helpful set of questions as a study guide at the conclusion of the book. The book will readily lend itself to a short Bible study series and will, no doubt, prompt further and deepening study of theology's greatest theme.



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