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Daily Devotional

March 29

God Keeps Track of Your Tears

by Peter G. Feenstra


You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle. (Ps. 56:8)

Bible Reading

Psalm 56


When we are faced with the troubles and trials of life that frustrate us and get us down, we may think no one really cares. We may ask, “Does anyone care when I feel like I am walking the edge and about to fall headlong into the darkness of despair and depression? Is there anyone who truly feels my hurt, is concerned about my tears, and recognizes how sad, alone and crushed I feel?”

In Psalm 56 David speaks to God and expresses his confidence in the goodness and mercy of the Lord. David is aware that God sees his plight. God keeps track of all the tears flowing down David’s face. He counts every drop and places David’s tears in His bottle. The Lord is completely aware of how desperate his situation has become. And we may be confident that this same Lord notices all that goes on in our life.

There may be times that we may toss and turn at night, unable to sleep. We worry about our family, our loved ones, the direction and future of the church, or about things going on in this world. We may shed thousands of tears which others in the community never see—but God sees every tear drop! He collects them in His bottle and counts them in His book. He records all our troubles in His archives as matters calling for further action.

The interpretation of Psalm 56 becomes even richer when we think about it in view of Christ’s work. Our Lord Jesus suffered tremendously because of our sins and because of the oppression of His enemies (fellow covenant members). He felt the fury of God’s wrath and the darkness of hell, but He was confident that all His tears were in God's bottle and recorded in God's book. What Jesus suffered on our behalf did not go unnoticed! When we suffer for the sake of the gospel, when we feel tired and downcast, we may turn to Him who promised to vindicate His elect speedily. God has a big bottle, and whatever tears we shed for His sake and in obedience to Him will easily fit in that bottle!

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