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March 24

Gregory and Robin Reynolds

While growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire, Gregory Reynolds dated his high school classmate Roberta “Robin” Cheney. Greg, who wanted to be an architect, was attracted to Robin’s quirky and artistic bent. Greg’s mom prayed for him while he attended an architectural school in Boston in 1967 and after he dropped out in 1970 to join a group of peace-loving hippies who lived in a commune in Oregon. After Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died of drug overdoses in 1970, Greg became disillusioned with the counterculture and began to read the Bible. He realized that he, like Jonah, was running from God. The prayers of Greg’s mother were answered on February 22, 1971 when he became a believer and attended her Baptist church. After reading Francis Schaeffer’s books, Greg studied at L’Abri in Switzerland (1971-1972). When working with Intervarsity in Spain (IFES), Greg wrote to Robin, who had become a Christian with the encouragement of her and Greg’s mothers. In June Greg asked Robin for her hand in marriage. Nine months later on March 24, 1973 they married.

Greg attended a Bible School, then completed his bachelor’s at Covenant College in 1975. He graduated with his master of divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in1979 and joined the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1980. Greg was ordained on May 2, 1980, as associate pastor of the OPC of Franklin Square, New York, to labor in New Rochelle, New York. When New Rochelle became a particularized congregation in 1983, Greg served as the organizing pastor of the church, which later was renamed Westchester OPC in Mount Vernon. Greg and Robin moved back to their hometown and Greg served as pulpit supply at Nottingham, New Hampshire (1992), then as a church planter in Jaffrey Presbyterian Church in Jaffrey, New Hampshire (1995-1997), and later as a regional home missionary for the Presbytery of New York and New England (1997-2000). After helping to plant Amoskeag OPC in Manchester, Greg has served as their pastor since 2000. During these years, Greg also helped to plant Pilgrim Presbyterian Church in Dover (2005-2006).

In 2001, Greg received his doctor of ministry from Westminster Seminary California, the same year his dissertation, The Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures: Preaching in the Electronic Age was published. Greg has served on the Committee for Christian Education since 2002, as a trustee for Great Commission Publications since 2005, and as the editor for Ordained Servant, A Journal for Church Officers since 2006. The Reynolds have three grown children, Rebekah, Thomas, and Christopher.

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