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November 20

1967 Thank Offering

The 19th Annual Thank Offering in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church was entering its second day on November 20, 1967. The Rev. John P. Galbraith, general secretary of the Committee on Foreign Missions explained why the Thank Offering was so important to the work of the church.

We all need God and His blessings, so we all have our cups out to Him. And He fills them. He even spills the blessings over the top.

The unbelieving, lost world needs God, too. But they don't know enough to ask Him for even their greatest need - Jesus Christ. So we have to take the initiative. WE must go to them. To "go" we have established committees - Christian Education, Foreign Missions, Home Missions - to see that the gospel is told to the world. Though them the gospel is printed and preached.

If only the world would come to us! Think of the money that we'd save! But they don't. And they won't: "The carnal mind is enmity against God" (Rom. 8:7). So we go to them. And that's where the money question comes in - writers, missionaries, printing bills, travel across this nation and oceans, houses. And much more . . . Remember this important week, November 19-26. It will enable us to take the gospel beyond our doorsteps, outside our church, beyond our city - to the world.

Picture: The 1967 OPC Thank Offering

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