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May 22

Ronald Jenkins

On May 22, 1961, the Presbytery of New York and New England ordained and installed Mr. Ronald Jenkins as pastor of Bethel OPC in Lundow, Smyrna and Houlton, Maine. A graduate of Gordon College and Westminster Seminary, Mr. Jenkins would go on to pastor Westminster OPC (1963-1968) in Hamill, South Dakota, Community OPC (1968-1976) in Center Square, Pennsylvania, and Wesminster OPC (1976-1978) in Hamden, Connecticut.

Shortly after coming to Hamden, Mr. Jenkins was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Still, the Lord used Mr. Jenkins in a powerful way. In a memorial for Mr. Jenkins after he died on December 31, 1978, the session stated:

His ministry at Westminster Church was relatively short in duration (lasting slightly more than two full years) but it was a remarkable ministry in the life of the church. Ron's ministry was characterized by a careful and conscientious teaching and preaching of the Word of God. His loving concern, mild and tender manner, and faithfulness in "rightly dividing the word of truth" made an impression on all members of the congregation and encouraged many visitors to stay and worship with us. Ron's example also of godly living as a Christian husband and father was a faithful and effective testimony to all who knew him, an encouragement to do likewise, and a call to obedience to God's ways.

Picture: Ronald and Joyce Jenkins

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