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August 1

Tommy Mullen

Perfect attendance for twenty-eight and a half years.

When Thomas G. (Tommy) Mullen attended the first worship service in Covenant OPC, Vineland, New Jersey's newly constructed facility, he began a twenty-eight year streak of perfect attendance for both morning and evening services. From 1962 to 1990, Mr. Mullen served in sickness and in health as organist and church treasurer, worshiping under the respective ministries of Robert W. Eckardt, Craig R. Rowe and Laurence N. Vail. His accomplishment, which Mr. Mullen insisted was made by God's grace alone, was originally published in the August 1990 issue of New Horizons . The article closed with a challenge: "It could very well be that other OPCers have matched or even exceeded this admirable record. If so, we would be happy to hear about it. So would Tommy."

On February 28, 2007, Mr. Mullen passed away at 75 years old.

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