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July 25

Victor Atallah

Victor Atallah was born on this day, and was raised in the Middle East. He received theological training in Beirut, Lebanon and served in campus ministry with Lebanon InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In 1971 he and others established the Mid East Reformed Fellowship (MERF). Victor was ordained in 1977 by the Presbytery of the Midwest with a call from the OPC Committee on Foreign Missions. He has worked in conjunction with the Back to God Hour radio ministry (1982-1999) and the Arabic Broadcast of “Words of Hope” (1999- the present). In 2001 he became the Associate Pastor of Covenant OPC in Orland Park, Illinois serving as a Missionary to the Middle East. Much of his ministry has been devoted to promoting the Reformed Faith and spreading the gospel in the Middle East through MERF, where he has served as the General Director. In 2010 he transferred his credentials to the Gereformeerde Kerk/Liberated denomination in the Netherlands. Victor and his wife Lisa have three adult sons, and live and minister in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Picture: Victor Atallah addressing the 1990 General Assembly

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