May 28, 2023 Book Review

Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Your Family

Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Your Family

Kate Hox

Reviewed by: Annie Nelson

Who Is Jesus? Forty Pictures to Share with Your Family, by Kate Hox, illustrations by Joe Hox. New Growth Press, 2022. Hardcover, 96 pages, $14.99. Reviewed by OP member Annie Nelson.

This book did not disappoint. A feast for the eyes, the illustrations in this book are evocative and mesh perfectly with the rich text to create a dynamic understanding of Jesus Christ that is drawn faithfully from Scripture. Featuring forty devotionals, each one highlighting a different aspect of Christ’s character or his work, this book is a treasure mine especially for parents who want to parade the beauty of the Savior before their children, ages four to thirteen. I was pleasantly surprised by the theologically sound, well-written, and easily understandable prose of these devotionals that completely avoided the over-simplified and silly approach so often found in Bible story books.

With a strong use of color and design, the Hoxes’ craftsmanship is superior in every way. I loved the splendid organization—it was very easy to find my way around as each devotional is clearly labeled (Day 1, Day 2, etc.), followed by clear titles such as “Jesus Is the Ark and the Door,” “Jesus Is the Serpent Crusher,” “Jesus Is the Mercy Seat,” and “Jesus Is the Rock Moses Struck.” Each one of these can be easily read at one sitting, and the page following each devotional contains several intriguing questions (with answers provided at the back of the book) and more Bible references that pertain to the subject.

Each devotional is illustrated by a full-page picture of subjects such as rocks, shepherds, and burning lamps. These pictures have strength and the sort of living vitality that will draw children into the story. Hox uses color throughout to tie everything together. One cautionary note here: on Day 22, “Jesus Is the Prince of Peace,” the illustration depicts Jesus as a babe in the manger.

I highly recommend this book to those who love the beauty and glory of the gospel in all its many shining facets. I personally have never seen a book meant for children that was all about the excellencies of Christ, but I hope there are more to follow. The author mentions that she spent six years writing this, and her love for Christ shines through, as well as her carefulness to display Christ’s attributes with reverence.

Who Is Jesus? would make an excellent gift as it is a quality product in every way, and it would be useful in a Sunday school classroom or a church library as well. Your children will be exhorted to grow in their love and trust for the Good Shepherd, as you can see from this short quote: “What do you think? Are your eyes open? If Jesus is your Good Shepherd, you are safe with him. Listen to his voice, worship him, and let him care for you. He will lead you to good pasture and abundant life” (119).



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