Trinity Hymnal

About the Hymnal

The original Trinity Hymnal was published in 1961 and enjoyed wide use in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and other Reformed churches.


Trinity Hymnal

First lines of refrains

This is a handy index of first lines of refrains. For example, the hymn containing the refrain “Up from the grave he arose” is actually hymn 206, “Low in the grave he lay,” which may be found by following the link below.

All earth to him her homage brings—295
All good gifts around us are sent from heav’n above—614
All his work is ended—213
And crown him, crown him, crown him, crown him—218
And I shall see him face to face—726
And it holds, my anchor holds—717
Anywhere! anywhere! Fear I cannot know—680
Ask the Saviour to help you—658

Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life—722
Bless him for ever, wondrous in might—10
Bring them in, bring them in—684
But “I know whom I have believed”—712

Calling today, calling today, Jesus is calling—697
Children, come, hither come—697
Christ shall have dominion over land and sea—678
Come home, come home, ye who are weary, come home—694
Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee—679

Dare to be a Daniel! Dare to stand alone!—660
Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord—713

Every day will I bless thee!”—703

Father, we thank thee! Father, we thank thee!—645
From sinking sand he lifted me—672

Give me thy heart, give me thy heart”—723
Glad day! Glad day! Is it the crowning day?—692
God shall wipe away all tears—730
God will take care of you—696
Grace, grace, God’s grace—705
“Great is thy faithfulness!”—27

Hail, thou ever-blessed morn!—158
Hallelujah! thine the glory—634
Hark! the herald angels sing—168
He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock—675
He is coming again, he is coming again—687
He loves me too, he loves me too—635
He was wounded for our transgressions—673
Hiding in thee, hiding in thee—551
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of hosts!—343
Hosanna, Lord! Hosanna in the highest!—314

I am coming, Lord; coming now to thee—406
I am redeemed, but not with silver—721
I am so glad that Jesus loves me—647
I love to tell the story—387
I need thee, O I need thee—710
I’m the child of a King—720
In the cross, in the cross, be my glory ever—704
It is well with my soul—580

Jesus, I am resting, resting in the joy of what thou art—139
Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him!—699
“Jesus,” oh how sweet the Name!—711
Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe—690
Joyful, joyful, will the meeting be—693

Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms—718
Let them praises give Jehovah—105
Like the stars of the morning—651
Living, he loved me; dying, he saved me—689
Lord of harvest, send forth reapers!—668
Lovingkindness, lovingkindness—138

Moment by moment I’m kept in his love—708
More, more about Jesus—676

Not to the strong is the battle—665

O how love I thy law!—450
O precious is the flow that makes me white as snow—677
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy—160
Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land—719
Only trust him, only trust him, only trust him now—724
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war—490

Praise him! praise him! tell of his excellent greatness—683
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the earth hear his voice—667

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel—147
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, give thanks, and sing—502
Rise, help, and redeem us—515
Rouse, then, soldiers! Rally round the banner!—686

Safe in the arms of Jesus—608
Saviour, Saviour, hear my humble cry—707
Showers of blessing, showers of blessing we need—716
Sing, O sing of my Redeemer!—681
Singing, “Glory, glory, glory be to God on high”—648
Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blest—587
Sweetest note in seraph song—144

Tell me the old, old story—521
Tell me the story of Jesus—685
The winds and the waves shall obey thy will—701
This is the message that I bring—695
Thy Word have I hid in my heart—671
Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus’ feet—632
Trust and obey, for there’s no other way—700
Trusting as the moments fly, trusting as the days go by—682

Under his wings, under his wings—78
Up from the grave he arose—206

Welcome, happy morning!” Age to age shall say—199
When the roll is called up yonder—727
Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus—702

Yes, all things bright and beautiful—636
Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story—709
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!—633

Compiled by Barry Traver, teacher at Pilgrim OPC, Philadelphia.

About the Hymnal

The original Trinity Hymnal was published in 1961 and enjoyed wide use in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and other Reformed churches.



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